I think that most people would agree that the modern church needs to be relevant to the culture that surrounds it.  People have issues.  People have pain.  People have questions.  People live messy lives and are in desperate need of real answers.  People don’t need churches that are too timid or uncomfortable to meet people in the mud that they are wading through.  However, sometimes trying to be relevant goes too far.

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Everyone wants to fit in.  No one wants to be labelled as different.  We go through an awful lot of work to be attractive to those outside of the church.  We dress just so.  We talk using all the appropriate cultural references to make ourselves appear more “normal” and attractive to the average Joe in off of the street.  The problem is that the Church was never called to fit right in.  The Church has everything that it needs to be relevant.  That thing is the Bible.  Every question that relates to a person’s life has an answer in its pages.  Every need and longing of the heart is addressed.   If we really want to meet the very real needs of the culture around us then we need to dive in and absorb the Word.  We need more than just a passing familiarity.  We need to study it, memorize it and finally teach and share it.  We have the words of life.  I find that all too often people who claim to be Christian have very little understanding about what is actually contained in those Bibles that they take to church every week.  They open them up when the pastor tells them to turn to a passage.  They nod in agreement with everything that is said, regardless of how Biblical it may be, and then they go home and don’t open it up for another week.  Do you really want to belong to a church that addresses the nitty gritty of real peoples issues?  Read your Bible.

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Relevant, or just trying to fit in?

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