I know quite a few people who are, shall we say, dissatisfied with their current job.  And, of course, the reasons for this tend to vary from situation to situation, but the fact still remains that not everyone is fond of their current employment status.  So I was thinking about this in the context of having a dream job in mind.  You have someplace that you would like to go with your career.  Maybe you really want to make a difference or make an impact in the world around you, maybe just locally or maybe on a grander scale, but for right now you are stuck in a 9 to 5 daily grind that slowly sucks the life and will to live out of you.  Some might venture to call the current state of things depressing.  However, what if we looked at your current job in a different light.  What if where you are right now in life is preparing you for the rest of your life.  What if the very things that drive you crazy at your current job, the issues that you really struggle with are actually refining you and shaping you.  If you go to work every day looking forward to what you can learn and looking for ways to take these opportunities and use them to prepare you for the rest of your life then it just might breath a bit of life back into your job.  Maybe, just maybe you are still where you are because you have not learned everything that God has to show you yet at your current occupation.  

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