What I love about the Old Testament is the way that it weaves this one cohesive epic that spans thousands of years.  Parts of the story are told by a diverse group of authors and are brought to life using a colourful array of literary devices.  And in this tapestry of allegory and alliteration, poetry and prose, foundational themes are introduced and then are built upon to finally reach their climatic consummation.  One theme that has been brought to my mind lately is the idea of approaching God.  The current cultural trend propagates the concept that we can all choose our own way to God.  Whatever way works for you is just fine.  Unfortunately, a key concept that is introduced right at the conception of our sweeping epic is that there are rules regarding how we approach God.  These standards are set forth in the very beginning and are then built upon as the story continues and are finally fleshed out with the institution of the Levitical priesthood and the temple sacrifices.  Now, for most of us this part of the story tends to get a bit dry because we often don’t see how it applies to us.  After all, there has not been a temple or an functioning priesthood for almost 2000 years.  But the point that is clearly made is that we have to approach God on His terms.  As the tale progresses we see that the sacrificial system is used to show a need and to point to the culmination of the redemptive story as Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice.  The problem manifests when people do not recognize the need and dismiss the entire theme of coming to God on His terms.  We somehow get this idea that He will just take us as we are regardless of what path we choose to get to Him.  We somehow get this idea that we get to set our own terms, but unfortunately, regardless of current cultural trends, we are wrong…

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My Terms, My Way
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One thought on “My Terms, My Way

  • March 26, 2014 at 1:23 am

    Unfortunately, mankind has always wanted to do things our way instead of humbling ourself before God.


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