The other night I was at a meeting to discuss sponsoring a refugee family and helping them relocate and settle in our community. One of the first things that we did was to sit down as smaller groups and take any fears that we might have going into such an immense process and put them on the table for discussion. I thought that this was a good way to deal with fear.

    Everyone has fears, and everyone’s fears are in some way different from others. Regardless, fear exists. Instead of ignoring it or internalizing it and burying down deep, it is important to address it. In this instance, we were able to deal with any lingering concerns or fears right from the beginning. Instead of pushing past them, each person’s fears were dealt with. After all, many fears are, to some extent, valid and are worth addressing.

    Additionally, addressing fears at the beginning negates the tendency to be paralyzed by fear. Instead of dwelling on fear, it is recognized as such, and is dealt with in a way that paves the way to move forward in a confident manner. Fear can be a good indicator to pause and assess, but it should never be the excuse for not moving forward.

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Fear: Address It
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