Do you ever look back on your life and feel like you would do things drastically different if you knew back then what you know now? I am assuming that everyone has at least a few things that they would change about their past if they could. So, what starts to get a bit trippy is thinking about this idea, but at a much grander scale. I can look back over the past ten years of my life and identify some pretty major changes that I would have made. In fact, I can look back over the last five years and find things I would have done differently. Part of this is probably because we are beginning to see the consequences for our actions. Small things that didn’t seem to matter too much at the time are now recognized as pivotal points in our lives. We see the ramifications as they played out over the years. We can clearly see how where we are now in life the cumulation of our life’s decisions. I think this is what they call “the Butterfly Effect”.

     But, what if we scale this up a bit?

    What starts to get a bit crazy is thinking about what I will think when I look back at my life with the crystal clear vision of eternity. When this life is over, what will I know that my future self wishes I know now. What does my future self wish I had started right now. I think we all have this nagging feeling that there are things that we should be doing with our life that we just… aren’t. This is why we have all of these New Year’s resolutions. We know that we need change. We want to create this pivotal moment, but it is hard to manufacture results under our own strength. But the thing is, chances are a lot of the things that we don’t view as being a hinge point in our lives actually are. Take the concept of prayer, for example. It is something that almost every Christian struggles with. I have never heard anyone say that they think they pray enough. It honestly doesn’t seem like a big deal, and that is probably why it is so hard to maintain. But, what if it turns out to be one of the biggest deals? I see the little things like this as being the things that are going to continue to form and shape me into the person that my future self wants me to be.

So then the question becomes, is the small decision that I make tomorrow going to be something that defines me for all of eternity? Under this microscope, everyday life takes on a different light. It really starts to make you think…    

  …or get paranoid.

So, future me, what do you want me to know…

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Hindsight: The Clarity of Eternity
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