A couple of days ago I received word that, in a remote, almost forgotten part of the world, an elderly man by the name of Ramon passed into eternity. In a dusty hut, far from any semblances of civilization, he breathed his last and was laid to rest. In the grand scheme of the daily struggles of the modern world, his passing was insignificant. Nations are engaged in power struggles against other nations, and rulers plan their next strategic move. Yet, in my ears nothing rang louder than the news of Ramon’s death.

    You see, Ramon belonged to an isolated people group that time forgot. While mankind perfected splitting the atom and the theory of special relativity, this people group perfected smoking their catch of fish so that it wouldn’t spoil and weaving palm mats. Among this forgotten people, Ramon held a special distinction. Ramon was the first person in the history of his people to step from the darkness and into the light. Ramon was the first Pume believer to publicly proclaim his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior. Ramon represents the life work of people who rejected the comforts that this world had to offer in order to bring the Good News to the most remote parts of the world. Ramon represents tears, heartbreak, and sleepless nights on aching knees. Ramon represents churches that said no to the cappuccino machine in the foyer or the exciting new expansion of the gym in order to keep families on the frontlines, assaulting enemy strongholds that have stood for centuries.

    After a hard life, Ramon passed into the loving arms of his Savior and left the struggles of this world behind. There now exists a small group of Pume believers on the other side of eternity singing their own unique songs of worship. I can still remember the haunting sounds of Pume songs from my childhood. A lone voice lifts praise to the Father of Lights, followed by the roar of others, echoing back in adoration of their Savior. These voices now resound with other believers from around the world. All over the world, enemy held territory trembles and falls under the assault of the Gospel of Hope that breaks every chain and sets captives free.

    The advance of the Gospel marches on, but the job is not done yet. There are still people living in darkness who have never seen the Light. There are multitudes who live without hope. There are more people groups that the world has forgotten about, but Jesus hasn’t. He is raising up faithful servants around the world who will turn their backs on money, status, and comfort, and instead seek an eternal reward for the glory of the Lamb. Which of us is willing to give it all to lead the first of a new group of believers to Christ? I want my voice to rise alongside the voices of a tongue forgotten by the world, but not by Jesus.

The light burns brightest when the night is at its darkest. Find the darkness; be the light.


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Ramon: From Obscurity To Eternity
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