Do you pray for the persecuted church? Unless you have been hiding in a zombie-proof post-apocalyptic style bunker twenty feet underground, you must have seen or heard about some of the things that Christians in certain parts of the world are going through. While the vast majority of it goes unacknowledged by the world at large, every now and then one of the stories pops up on the news. Obviously, such stories incite strong feelings and emotions. I remember one person commenting that they just couldn’t believe that in some parts of the world Christians were dying for their faith. Partly because it seems so far removed from our reality in the “modern” world, these stories seem almost unreal. But, besides a few sad feelings during the news hours, do these stories inspire any sort of change? We all know that fellow children of God are suffering for their faith, but are we doing anything about it?

Granted, while there may be a few areas where aid and relief can be given, there is not much else that we may be able to do to help. However, one thing that everyone can do is pray. Imagine if the rest of the Body of Christ lifted up the persecuted church in prayer. What incredible, supernatural things would happen if God’s people were united behind those who are suffering? There is no real reason why this can not happen, other than we simply can’t be bothered.

Such a simple thing to do. Such a powerful thing to do, but how often is it done? We are too busy watching the latest sports reel or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip to spend time on our knees. Our screens and devices keep us busy from the time we wake up till the time that we are too tired to bother thinking about praying. We are more concerned about getting up early before work to go to the gym instead of waking up early to pray. It’s a sad state of affairs, and although this may not be true of everyone, I tend to think that it is true of far too many people who call themselves Christians.

Pray for the persecuted church, and know that some day it will be our turn.


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