We tend to make grand plans for tomorrow. Well, maybe you don’t, but I sure do. I have no shortage of plans for my life, which of course, will start tomorrow. We tend to assume that we have plenty of time to get things done. But, do we really? How do I know that tomorrow will come for me? All that any of us know is that we have been given the present. In light of the pressing demands of today, we often tend to put off the things that truly matter in life till a more convenient time, which can often turn into never. Our plans for tomorrow can often be a detriment to today. We are so busy planning and strategizing about the future that we let things slide in the present. Plans are good. Everyone should have goals and plan how to achieve them. But, having a plan is no replacement for being faithful today. We need to act in the present with eternity in view. Great plans are no substitute for faithful action.



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Will Tomorrow Come?
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