What do you know?

Can you expound upon it?

…define it?

…defend it?

Because when I come across those who declare their allegiance to an idea, philosophy or way of life and yet seem to be found wanting of the most basic tenants of knowledge of it…   I sometimes wonder…  Can you truly be said to know something without taking the time learn it?  Is the ability to articulated an idea the basis upon which something is said to be known, or is the determining factor more experiential?  Is it a bit of both?  If you know with your mind something is true and yet live as though it is not, do you really know it?  And parallel to that, if your life is lived out with a vague sense of moral direction and confirmed by emotional connection and yet lacking substantial truths which are intellectually realized, are you any further ahead?  

Can one truly have one completely devoid of the other?




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Do you know what you think you know?

One thought on “Do you know what you think you know?

  • March 13, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    Sweet brother! You need to become a prof.


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